Software Setup

To begin your installation, follow the steps in the subsequent sections.

To use Data Express, you must request and specify the serial number. The serial number is the request key needed in order to activate all Data Express functions appropriate for your product license.

Note: The client-side serial number requested during your Data Express installation can only be obtained from Micro Focus SupportLine. You must provide the Micro Focus SupportLine representative the serial number specified on the CD box which is used as a request key in the Request Key (Serial Number) field.

To install Data Express:

  1. Before installing, contact Micro Focus SupportLine in order to get a Response Key by specifying the serial number you received from Micro Focus Distribution.
  2. Run Setup.exe from the installation CD. The InstallShield Wizard appears.

    The autorun starts. From the menu, install BDE if it is not installed already, or install Data Express directly.

    If you start DXP324000026.exe then the Windows Client installation Wizard starts directly.

  3. Click Next, accept the license agreement, and then click Next.
  4. In the User Name field, specify the appropriate name of the user or group of users who will use Data Express.
  5. In the Request Key (Serial Number) field, overwrite the text and specify your serial number
    Note: This value must be the same value you sent to Micro Focus SupportLine during your client side Response key request.
  6. In the Response Key field, enter the response key you received from Micro Focus SupportLine.
  7. Click Next to proceed with the install.
  8. If you are installing Data Express for z/OS, you must choose the product as appropriate (standard or client/server configuration). The architectural difference between the two configurations is explained in the Front End User Guide.
  9. Follow the prompts to complete your installation.