Default copy analysis parameter modification

Note: This section applies only for Micro Focus Data Express for z/OS.

The copybook analysis parameters include:

Analysis Option
Indicates the conditions under which a copybook must be analyzed. For example:
  • Perform the analysis only if the data store has not been analyzed.
  • Perform the analysis if the data store has been analyzed but not associated.
  • Perform the analysis even the data store has already been analyzed and associated.
Maximum Progressive of I/O Area
Specifies the maximum number of incongruent formats an I/O area can describe through the REDEFINES clause (within COBOL copies) or the READDRESSING (within PL/I includes) clause.
COBOL Decimal Separator
Specifies the decimal separator within the COBOL copybook.
Statements beginning in PL/I sources - Statements length in PL/I sources
Specifies the source start column and the length of the source row within the PL/I INCLUDES.
Note: During analysis, default values can be temporarily modified.