Data Express provides two modes:

Standard Mode
Supports direct access to the data resident on RDBMS from your PC.
Client/Server Mode

Supports access to the data resident on RDBMS through the Data Express kbde-Server, which is based on a three-tier architecture with the second tier handling data transfer optimization. This enables you to access data over the Internet with a minimal amount of administration and using efficient network capacity. In addition, Client/Server mode can use the same functions as Standard mode, but does not require any additional software such as the DB2 client or the Borland Database Engine (BDE).

Data Express for z/OS can be used in either Standard or Client/Server mode, whereas Data Express for Distributed Systems can be used in Standard mode only.

For Data Subset Extraction configuration information and instructions, see the Appendix A. Standard Mode and Appendix B. Client/Server Mode sections in the Front End Guide.