Modifying a Referential Integrity Method to Use a Combined Data Element as a Selection Class

Modify a referential integrity method.

  1. Launch Data Subset Extraction.
  2. In the List of Methods in Group, double-click the row for the method RI METHOD.
  3. Maximize the Work with Method window.
  4. In the Data Stores Elaboration list, right-click step 10, point to Elaboration, and then click Selection class / Filter properties.
  5. Select the row for the class STBAL.
  6. Click the filter type FILTER BY RANGE:
  7. Specify MD in the From and To boxes.
  8. In the Choose a data element list, click BALANCE.
  9. Specify 0 in the From box, and 1000 in the To box.
  10. Click OK to close the Selection class / Filter properties window.
  11. Click OK to close the Work with Method window.
  12. Continue to the next section.