Load Copy Information from External Interface

The Load Copy Information from External Interface sequential file is used for the layout of a sequential file in text format and is populated during the Handle Copybook phase from a flat file interface. The Sample data folder on the installation CD contains the file seqcpy, which is a sample of this interface.

The following table describes the columns in the Load Copy Information from External Interface sequential file:

Column Type Length Decimal Domain
CPYLIB CHARACTER 001-044 44 copybook library (mandatory field)
Separator CHARACTER 045-045 1 must be blank
CPYNAME CHARACTER 046-055 10 copybook name (mandatory field). Can be blank or a partial name (with '*' or '?')
Separator CHARACTER 056-056 1 must be blank
LOADTYPE CHARACTER 057-057 1 load only handled languages flag ( '/' for yes, blank for no)
Separator CHARACTER 058-058 1 must be blank
REPLACE CHARACTER 059-059 1 flag replace parameter
Separator CHARACTER 060-060 1 must be blank
ASSOCIATE CHARACTER 061-061 1 flag associate parameter
Separator CHARACTER 062-062 1 must be blank
TOLLCPY INTEGER 063-064 2 copybook tolerance parameter
Separator CHARACTER 065-065 1 must be blank
DECSEP CHARACTER 066-066 1 COBOL decimal separator parameter
Separator CHARACTER 067-067 1 must be blank
MAXIOAREA INTEGER 068-070 3 maximum progressive of I/O area parameter
Separator CHARACTER 071-071 1 must be blank
SRCINZ INTEGER 072-074 3 begin PL/I source (details below)
Separator CHARACTER 075-076 1 must be blank
SRCLEN INTEGER 076-078 3 length PL/I source (details below)