Starting Data Express for z/OS

The Data Express for z/OS client runs on z/OS systems.

To start Data Express for z/OS:
  1. Either execute the following command from a TSO environment:
    EXEC 'xxxxxxxx.yyyyyyyy.CLIST(MFDATA)'
    or execute the following command from an ISPF command line:
    TSO EXEC 'xxxxxxxx.yyyyyyyy.CLIST(MFDATA)'

    where xxxxxxxx.yyyyyyyy is a part of the PDS library name where member MFDATA is located. In both cases, this command allocates PDS libraries to ISPF and launches the Main Menu in an ISPF environment as shown below:

  2. Specify the appropriate option from one of the three sections as listed below.
    Note: If this is the first time you have started Data Express on z/OS, you must first enable your product. For more information, see the section Product Enabling.
    Submission Function
    Lists an option to submit scheduled jobs automatically for execution.
    Product Enabling
    Lists options to retrieve and specify the software key, and check product licensing status.
    Environment Creation and PTF
    List options to complete the product installation and to install both single PTFs and a whole modification level. For more information, see theInstallation Guide.