Associating a Class to Data Elements

In this exercise you will be manually associating the CODCUS class you just created with columns in the table CUSTOMER.

  1. In the [Work with Data Stores] window, expand the Machine ID node, select DATAEXPRES, and then select the row for the DELGT.CUSTOMER data store in the List of Data Stores.
  2. Right-click and then select Work with Data Elements of the Selected Data Store.
  3. Click the Classes - Assignment tab.
  4. In the All Classes pane, expand the Generated Super Class, and then select the class COD_CUS MASK EXAMPLE.
  5. In the List of Data Elements, select the row for CUSTOMER.COD_CUS. (That is, select the row for the data store CUSTOMER and the name COD_CUS.)
    Note: If you are viewing all data stores, you could click the Data Store column to s sort data elements by data store.
  6. Click the Assign Class button to assign the CODCUS class to CUSTOMER.COD_CUS. COD_CUS MASK EXAMPLE now appears in the Assigned Class column for CUSTOMER.COD_CUS.
  7. Click the Close button to close the Work with Data Elements window.
  8. Continue to the next section.