Extension Technology Directories

For the Extension Technology, data files and executable files are stored in separate locations. This section describes these directories.


The following table shows the default directory containing your Extension Technology executable:

OS ODBC Extension Oracle Extension
Windows C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Data Express 4.0\odbc C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Data Express 4.0\oracle
UNIX /opt/microfocus/dataexpress/odbc /opt/microfocus/dataexpress/oracle
Note: The default data and executable directory for UNIX happens to be the same.

You can install to a different root directory if desired.


The data directory is used for data store configuration files and log files.

The following table shows the default data directory needed for the ODBC Extension or Oracle Extension depending upon your platform:

OS ODBC Extension Oracle Extension
Windows %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Micro Focus\Data Express 4.0\odbc %ALLUSERSPROFILE %\Micro Focus\Data Express 4.0\oracle
UNIX /opt/microfocus/dataexpress/odbc /opt/microfocus/dataexpress/oracle

The path specified for the %ALLUSERSPROFILE% environment variable differs depending on your Windows platform. For example:

  • Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Micro Focus\Data Express 4.0
  • Windows Vista - C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\Data Express 4.0
Note: When using the Oracle Extension on a Windows platform, if you choose to change the default Data directory to a shared directory on a network, this could affect performance. For information on improving performance in this scenario, see DXCOMMON Environment Variable.


The files generated by the Distributed Exporter and the Distributed Sampler must also be stored in the config subdirectory of the data directory as this is necessary for Extension Technology execution.

If you are invoking the ODBC Extension or the Oracle Extension from a Windows environment, you can specify the config subdirectory as the output directory for masked, reduced, or sampled data stores. Otherwise, you can move the files into the default directory manually.


After the execution of the ODBC Extension or the Oracle Extension, a dxe_errorlog.txt log file is created within the log directory in a subdirectory named: YYYY-MM-DD_hh-mm-ss. For example:


If errors occur during processing, the error log displays automatically.

If the execution of the ODBC Extension or the Oracle Extension includes subset extraction processing, dxe_summarylog.txt and dxe_statistics.txt. The Oracle Extension also creates dxe_common.txt to track the execution chain; however, this file is deleted at the end of the extension elaboration process. Log files are also created in the same subdirectory.

If the execution includes sampling analysis, the sampling.log file is also created in this subdirectory; however, this file is used to load sampling results into Data Express and is not meant to be human-readable.