Data Elements columns

The following list describes the columns listed by selecting the Data Elements node:
Name of the data element within the data store.
Offset of the data element.
Physical Displacement
Physical displacement of a DB2 field.
Note: Only DB2 fields use a Physical Displacement value.
Data type of the data element. For example, Numeric or Alphanumeric.
Nature of the data elements, for example, Alphabetical.
Number of integers within a numeric data element.
Length of the data element in bytes.
Number of digits included to the right of the decimal point.
Assigned Class
Description of the associated class.
Estimated Class
Description of the most likely class to associate with the data element.
Minimum Value
Minimum value for the data element (result of data sampling).
Maximum Value
Maximum value for the data element (result of data sampling).
No. of Different Values
Number of different values that the data element can take on. This is the principal result of sampling the data store.