Executing Referential Integrity Method

Execute subset extraction with Extension Technology:

  1. From a MS-DOS prompt, change to the executables directory c:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Data Express 4.0\odbc.
  2. Type dxestart
    The target ODBC data store now contains the table TGT.CUSTOMER, TGT. ORDERS, and TGT.ITEMS. The contents within these tables follow the referential integrity defined in the database:
    • Records in the TGT.CUSTOMER table have been reduced to only contain MD records with a balance of less than $1000 (USD).
    • Records in the TGT.ORDERS table have been reduced to only contain records that have the same customer number as the parent table TGT.CUSTOMER.
    • Likewise, records in the TGT.ITEMS tables have the same order number as records in the parent TGT.ORDERS table
  3. Use standard tools and procedures relevant to your data store to verify that the information in the reduced tables is in fact different.