SQL Files Generated by Distributed Exporter

Whenever you use the Distributed Exporter to export masking or subsetting information for consumption by the Extension Technology, three SQL files are created. These three files (CREATETABLE.sql, CREATEINDEX.sql, and ALTERTABLE_RI.sql) contain "canonical" DDL (Data Definition Language) statements about the source distributed data store's tables, indexes, and primary/foreign keys.

Normally, the Extension Technology will create tables in the target distributed data store with the same table specifications as in the source; however, no indexes or referential integrity constraints are created. If the Extension Technology "sees" that the tables already exist, it simply places the masked or subsetted data into those already created tables.

If you want your target distributed data store to more closely mimic the schema of your source distributed data store, these SQL files can help you in that effort.

Note: The SQL files are not guaranteed to execute properly with all ODBC data stores. Each ODBC data store can have slightly different syntax when it comes to CREATE TABLE, CREATE INDEX, and ALTER TABLE statements.

If you successfully execute the contents of these three files in your target distributed data store before using the Extension Technology, the Extension Technology will mask or subset data accordingly.