Creating a Class on a Combined Data Element

In this exercise, you will create the class STBAL on a combined data element.

  1. In Data Builder, open the Work with Classes window (click or access it through Environment > Work with Classes).
  2. Click New.
  3. In the Name field, specify STBAL as the name of the class you want to create.
  4. In the Full description field, specify STBAL as the description of the class.
    Note: The description will be visible as a label when you assign the class to data elements within data stores.
  5. Select the Super Class None.
  6. 6. Select the data type Alpha.
  7. 7. Leave the remainder of the fields at their default values.
  8. 8. Click Apply.

    The class STBAL appears at the end of List of Classes.

  9. 9. Click OK to close the Work with Classes window.
  10. 10. Continue to the next section.