Creating a Referential Integrity Method

In this exercise you will create a referential integrity method by running the BTEDDUR (Import Method From Referential Integrity) job.

  • After class assignments have been established, the BTEDDUR job is used to create a complex method with referential integrity that supports multiple-level relationships between data stores.

  • You can also use the New Method Wizard to create a simple method with referential integrity, but the wizard is limited in that it only supports two-level relationships between data stores.

  • The method created by the BTEDDUR is automatically activated during job execution. Therefore, you do not need to activate the method in the Method Properties window.

  1. 1. In Data Builder, open the Work with Jobs window (Environment > Work with Jobs).
  2. Click New.
  3. In List of Jobs, select the job BTEDDUR (Import Method From Referential Integrity).
  4. Select the DATAEXPRES Machine ID.
  5. Specify DEMO as the name of your company code in the Company name box.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. In the Referential Integrity Interface box, type: URADAR.DEMOT.REFINTEG.
  8. In the Group list, click SIMPLESUB.
    Note: You created the SIMPLESUB group during the Simple Subset Extraction exercise for DB2 data stores.
  9. In the Method field, type: RIMETHOD.
    Note: The method RIMETHOD is created when the job runs.
  10. In the Method text box, type: METHOD FOR RI AND COMBINED DATA ELEMENT.
  11. In the Class list, click COD_CUS MASK EXAMPLE.
    Note: You created the class COD_CUS MASK EXAMPLE during the Data Masking exercise.
  12. Click OK.