Main Window - Work with Data Stores

After starting Data Builder, the main window, [Work with Data Stores] appears.

This window provides a list of data stores cataloged by Data Express using different sets of search criteria, including:

The list of displayed data stores can be further restricted by applying filters. Filters can be selected from the context menu displayed by right-clicking the List of Data Stores grid, or by selecting the specific icons displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.

In the Data Express for z/OS, the [Work with Data Stores] window comprises six tabular views:
  • Structure
  • Classes
  • Assigned to Copy
  • Sampling
  • Data Change
  • Register Tables

In the Data Express for Distributed Systems, the [Work with Data Stores] window comprises five tabular views:

Note: Double-click a data store name in the grid to view detailed information.