Data Masking

The Data Masking module is used to manage the privacy of data contained in databases of applications that are either developed internally or purchased by external suppliers. The aim is to protect sensitive data such as name, surname, or company name according to privacy laws and regulations.

This tutorial explains the Data Masking configuration procedure and describes the steps required to migrate the files in your application.

Note: Sessions in this tutorial should be done in order.

This tutorial walks you through the data classification and the data masking phases.

Begin this session only after you have set your workspace and loaded data store information into the Knowledge Base in tutorial Using Data Express and Data Inventory. You must already be logged in to Data Builder to begin.

The sample sessions are broken out into two parts: one for DB2 data stores and one for sequential files.

Note: Sessions in this tutorial must be done in order. If you choose to complete the tutorial for both DB2 and sequential data, then do all sessions. If you choose to complete the tutorial for only DB2 or sequential data, then follow the sessions only for that data type.