Create CSV File from Referential Integrity

The process Create CSV file from Referential Integrity analyzes a SQL DDL generated by the Erwin Data Modeler that describes the referential integrity relation using the IBM DB2 standard, and then creates a CSV file that contains all relations described in the DDL. After a new Import Method From Referential Integrity job is created and scheduled, the CSV file is used when the job executes to create the method needed to generate the test environment. For more information about method creation, see the chapter Data Subsetting in the Process Guide for z/OS.

To create the CSV file from referential integrity:

  1. From the Main Menu panel, enter the following command: TSO CVTEARI.
  2. Insert parameter names into fields as required:
    PDS or Data set name
    Name of the DDL source data set or PDS containing the referential integrity relation generated by the Erwin Data Modeler.
    Source Name
    Name of the member of PDS that contains the DDL generated by the Erwin Data Modeler.
    CSV data set name
    Name of the CSV data set that will contain the referential integrity relation. The CSV data set will be created if it does not exist. If it already exists, it will be written in append mode.