Contact Information

If ever you have any problems or you would like additional technical information or advice, there are several resources.

Help with Problems

In some countries, product support from Micro Focus may be available only to customers who have maintenance agreements.

If you obtained this product directly from Micro Focus, contact us as described below. If you obtained it from another source, such as an authorized distributor, contact them for help first. If they are unable to help, contact us as described below.

Before you ask for help, try and find answers in the Product Information folder of the Help or in the main body of the Help.

Information We Need

However you contact us, please try to include the information below, if you have it. The more information you can give, the better product support can help you. But if you don't know all the answers, or you think some are irrelevant to your problem, please give whatever information you have.

  • The version of the product that you are using. You can locate the version number:
    • Windows: from the Help > About.
    • z/OS: from the Main Menu panel.
    • ODBC/Oracle Extension: from the banner displayed when executing the Extension.
  • Your operating system and version number.
  • The data stores you are working with, including client-side and server-side versions where appropriate. If using ODBC data stores, also include details of the vendor and version of the ODBC driver(s) being used, as well as the equivalent information about the RDBMS.
  • If using Data Express for z/OS, indicate whether you are using the Standard or Client/Server configuration.
  • An explanation of what you are trying to do and step-by-step instructions needed for reproducing the issue, including any error messages received.
  • Diagnostic information:
    • z/OS: Screenshots, log files, JCL scripts, output, and dumps
    • ODBC Extension/Oracle Extension: Contents of the config and log directories. We may request that you change the setting of the LogLevel parameter with the dxeconfig.cfg file to provide additional diagnostic information. See the chapter Using Extension Technology of the Getting Started with Distributed Data Stores for further details on the LogLevel parameter.
  • Details of the data store contents, for example:
    DDL, DCLGEN, or SYSPUNCH  (for SQL data stores)
    Copybooks (SEQ, VSAM, GDG, DL/I)
    DBD (DL/I)

Contact Information

Our Web site gives up-to-date details of contact numbers and addresses. The product support pages contain considerable additional information, including the WebSync service, where you can download fixes and documentation updates. To connect, enter in your browser to go to the Micro Focus home page.

If you are a Micro Focus product support customer, please see your product support Handbook for contact information. You can download it from our web site or order it in printed form from your sales representative.

Support from Micro Focus may be available only to customers who have maintenance agreements.