Associating a Fingerprint to a Class

In Data Express, you can correlate data elements if their value distributions are similar. To do this, you must first associate a fingerprint, which represents the desired distribution, to a class.

This fingerprint becomes the prototype that is used determine the class assignment for other data elements. If the prototype and the fingerprint for a data element are deemed similar based on a calculated confidence value, the data element is also associated with the prototype class.

  1. Click the Classes – Assignments tab.
  2. In the All Classes pane, expand the Generated Super Class, and select the class description SAMPLING CUSTOMER VALUES.
  3. In the List of Data Elements, select the row for the data element COD-CUS in the data store URADAR.DEMOT.PHCONTRA.
  4. Check the Selected Data Element Attributes check box
  5. Drag the fingerprint that now appears beneath the text Selected Data Element Attributes, to the first Class Samples cell:

    By highlighting the SAMPCUS class description in the All Classes pane and then by dragging the fingerprint for the COD-CUS data element to the Class Samples cell, the SAMPCUS class is then assigned to the fingerprint. This fingerprint becomes the prototype. This action also associates the SAMPCUS class to the COD-CUS data element.

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