Creating the DB2 Tablespace and Tables

In this exercise, you submit the CREATBT JCL (to create the tablespace and tables) and the CREASEQD JCL needed to complete your environment creation. To create the DB2 tablespace and tables:
  1. Within your TSO environment, submit the JCL job streams CREATBT and CREASEQD.
  2. Review results to verify that the jobs ran successfully.
  3. Edit the FTP script in the PUT_FILE_DB2.txt file with the following information:    the IP address of your mainframe
    YOURUSERNAME		     your mainframe user name
    YOURPASSWORD			    your mainframe password
    XXXXXX.XXXXXX      the name of the library created by JCL CREASEQD, for example: URADAR.DEMOT.

    This FTP script creates the files LISTDB2 and REFINTEG specified by the CREASEQD.TXT JCL.

    Note: The library URADAR.DEMOT is used as an example throughout this tutorial. You can use any library that suits your mainframe library naming conventions. However, it is assumed that the mainframe user ID you are using has no restrictions and can therefore access this library.
  4. Within your Windows environment, execute FTPTUTORIALDB2.BAT.BAT to import the informaiton into your mainframe environment.
  5. Continue to the next section.