Work with Classes

The Work with Classes area lets you manage classes by categorizing data element with homogeneous characteristics and by writing generalized routines to check data.

A class identifies a user-defined group of data element with homogeneous characteristics. Typical classes of data can be quantities, prices, client code, totals, or currency flags. Each data element can be cataloged as a member of a class.

Note: The Data Builder module provides some predefined classes, which you can use but not modify.

Classes are grouped into sets called Super Classes. A Super Class gathers several different classes in a single set. During the class automatic assignment phase, this type of classification enables you to restrict the search for classes to a subset of all the defined classes.

The set of Super Classes is as follows:

Note: The Super Class Other is used for new user classes that may not fall into any of the previous Super Classes. Conversely, the Super Class None is used for classes that do not belong to a Super Class.

Date classes are defined by four available formats so you can run a formal check on the validity of the date fields. For more information about the format of dates, see Getting Started With Data Builder