DXCOMMON Environment Variable

Applies only when using the Oracle Extension on a Windows platform.

During the extension elaboration process, the Oracle extension creates a temporary text file, dxe_common.txt, to track the execution chain. It also deletes this file at the end of the extension elaboration process. Because dxe_common.txt is created in the log subdirectory of the Data directory, when that directory is on a network share, the process of creating and deleting this file can degrade overall performance. Therefore, if you have changed the default Data directory for extension technology to a shared directory on a network, set the DXCOMMON environment variable to improve performance.

The DXCOMMON environment variable enables you to specify a local directory in which to create the dxe_common.txt file.

To implement this environment variable, on a machine that runs Data Express, create a new system variable, DXCOMMON, and set its value to a local directory. For example:


If the specified directory does not exist, the Oracle extension creates it when it creates the dxe_common.txt file for the first time.