Method Creation

A method can be created by:

  • The job Import Method from Referential Integrity (see the chapter Import Method From Referential Integrity Job in the Front End Guide). The method is created starting from a data store for a specific class that includes all the related files indicated in the CSV file that contains the Referential Integrity relation.
  • The Data Subset Extraction wizard (see the chapter Create New Method Wizard in theData Subset Extraction Guide). Starting from a class or from a related class, the wizard guides you in creating a method with all the data stores that have the specified classes; with this wizard, you can define the logical model of data, define the rules of subsetting, and add or remove files and specify the input and output data set for files involved in the method.
  • The Data Masking module. This module can be used only if the new environments are created only applying data masking techniques and all the data stores will be expanded separately (see the Data Masking Guide ).