Process for z/OS Guide

Outlines the concepts and procedures used by Micro Focus Data Express for z/OS. It shows how to start and work with Data Express in the mainframe environment.

Data Builder is a general-purpose data analysis module for z/OS environment. The module comprises a part on the z/OS platform and one on a PC. All operations and analysis are performed in the z/OS environment. All the analysis results are stored in a DB2 repository.

Who Should Read this Guide

This guide is intended for z/OS users who want to verify the integrity of data in databases (for example, DB2 or DL/I) or data sets (for example, VSAM, SEQUENTIAL, or GDG) of applications running on z/OS that are either developed internally or purchased by external suppliers.

The use of Data Express requires a minimum experience of the mainframe platform z/OS.


Bear in mind the following points about Data Express:

  • To use this product, you must have the correct licence. See the Installation Guide for more details.
  • You do not need to analyze the sources of the programs in the application in order to use Data Express.
  • Data Express does not perform any operation capable of altering the analyzed data.