Submitting a JCL to Create the Test Environment

Use the Work with Jobs tool in Data Builder to submit the JCL that does the actual subsetting on the CUSTOMER, ACCOUNT, CCARD, and OPERAT data stores. Then, submit the job in the mainframe environment and verify your results.
  1. 1. In Data Builder, open the Work with Jobs window (Environment > Work with Jobs) to schedule a new job.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the List of Jobs, select the job BTESBMR (Test Environment Creation).
  4. Select the DATAEXPRES Machine ID and the DEMO company name.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. In the Group list, click SIMPLESUB.
  7. In the Method list, click RIMETHOD.
  8. Click OK. The job appears in the List of Scheduled Jobs. The Pause symbol indicates that the job is awaiting execution. Once the job has completed successfully, the job is listed with a green check mark.
  9. In your TSO environment, submit the BTESBMR job by using the Submit Client Scheduled Job panel.
  10. In the Work with Jobs area, click Refresh to verify that the jobs completed successfully.
  11. Click OK.
  12. In your mainframe environment, verify the subset extraction results by viewing the sequential files created by the BTESBMR job:
    Note: Because the COD_CUS MASK EXAMPLE class is associated to a masking routine, the data was masked as well as reduced.
  13. Exit Data Builder.