Window fields

The following list describes the fields listed in various sections in the Work with Jobs area:
Machine ID
Identifier of the machine.
Company name
Identifier of the company.
Copy PDS
PDS of copybooks/includes to analyze.
Copybook name
Name of the copybooks/includes to analyze.
Job creation
Option for creating a new job without submitting it.
Job submission
Option for submitting a new job.
Application ID
Identifier of the application.
DB2 Owner, DL/I DBD
Qualifier of the data store to analyze.
Data store type
Type of the data store to analyze (VSAM, DB2, DL/I, SEQ, GDG, ORA, SQE, or ADA).
Data store name
Name of the data store to analyze.
Data store version
Version of GDG data store to analyze.
Record format
Record format to analyze.