New Installations

Before using either the ODBC or Oracle Extension, a Run-Time Knowledge Base needs to be created within your source data store(s). The Run-Time Knowledge Base drives the operation and performance of Data Express' masking and subsetting processes. The Run-Time Knowledge Base consists of tables and indexes, and needs to be created using the schema name DEKB.

For convenience, we provide scripts that are tailored for working with data stores. To use these scripts, download the file from the DBA tasks for working with the Data Express Extension Technology article located in the Micro Focus Knowledge Base. This zip file contains individual scripts for the following data stores:
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle

If you are using a data store for which no specific script is provided, use the createkb.sql script, located by default in your Data Express installation directory, as the basis for the creation of the Run-Time Knowledge Base. This script contains "canonical" DDL (Data Definition Language) statements, describing the Run-Time Knowledge Base tables and indexes.

Before executing a script file:

Edit the script file and update its CONNECT statement and connection credentials to connect to the appropriate database.
Microsoft SQL Server
Edit the script file and update its USE statement to specify the database in which to create and populate the Run-Time Knowledge Base.
Create a database user named DEKB and grant the DEKB user all privileges required to create and populate the Run-Time Knowledge Base.
To ensure that createkb.sql executes correctly for all source data stores edit the file and, if necessary, update the CREATE TABLE and CREATE INDEX statements such that they enable the successful creation of the DEKB schema, and have the appropriate authority to create and populate that schema.