Copy JCL Files to the Mainframe

Here you copy the iebupdte.jcl and iebupdtp.jcl files from your installation directory's \**\HostSide\Installation Procedure subdirectory, in ASCII mode, into a member of a partitioned data set on the mainframe. To help you do this, we provide both FTP and Personal Communications (PC3270) assistance in the form of the following files, located in the same directory:
  • FTPINST.BAT - A batch command that executes the ftpinst.txt FTP script
  • ftpinst.txt - An FTP script executed by FTPINST.BAT
  • INST.SRL - A PC3270 transfer file list

Before using the provided FTP script or PC3270 transfer file list to transfer the files, you must customize them to include the correct values. See Customization Reference for specific customization details.

Use this procedure to transfer the files to the mainframe using the ftpinst.txt script:

  1. On your local machine, customize ftpinst.txt, located in your installation directory's \**\HostSide\Installation Procedure subdirectory, as specified in the FTP Script Customization topic.
  2. From a Windows command prompt, change to the installation directory's \**\HostSide\Installation Procedure subdirectory, and execute the following command:
    ftp -s:ftpinst.txt
    Note: Optionally, you can run the FTPINST.BAT file to execute the command. For details on customizing this file, see FTP BAT File (ftpput.bat) Customization .