Install the Data Set Libraries

This procedure describes how to install the data set libraries. After allocating PDS and SEQ files and the sequential file for FTP, transfer the Data Express sequential data sets to the mainframe so they can be used to populate the product installation PDS libraries. Once completed, you can then load Data Express.
To help you transfer the sequential data sets, we provide both FTP and Personal Communications (PC3270) assistance in the form of the following files. All reside in your installation directory's \**\HostSide\Installation Procedure subdirectory:
  • - A PC3270 transfer file list
  • ftpput.bat - A batch file that executes the ftpput.txt script
  • ftpput.txt - An FTP script that copies the sequential data sets to the mainframe

Before using the provided FTP script or PC3270 transfer file list to transfer the files, you must customize them to include the correct values. See Customization Reference for specific customization details.

  1. On the Product Installation Menu panel, select option Load Product from CD to display the Load Product from CD panel.
  2. Select PDS and SEQ product allocation to submit jobs to allocate the PDS and SEQ files that make up Data Express.
  3. Select Allocation of sequential file for FTP to submit a job to allocate a sequential file for file transfer.
  4. Customize the file ftpput.txt, located in your installation directory's \**\HostSide\Installation Procedure subdirectory, as specified in FTP Script (ftpput.txt) Customization.
  5. Copy the customized ftpput.txt file into your installation directory\bin directory.
  6. From a command prompt, change to the installation directory\bin directory and execute the following command:
    ftp –s:ftpput.txt
  7. Select Load Product from sequential files to submit a job to load Data Express from sequential files.
  8. From the ISPF Primary Option Menu panel, specify option 3.4 to manage data sets and to obtain a member list of the sequential files for the data set.
  9. Press PF11 and check the data set allocations to make sure all allocations are in less than 15 extents to be sure none failed to completely load.
  10. Press F3 to return to the Product Installation Menu panel.
  11. Select option Edit Job Cards for Micro Focus Data Jobs on the Product Installation Menu panel.
  12. Select option Actualize Parameter on the Product Installation Menu panel.