Associating a Class with a Combined Data Element

In this exercise you will be manually associating the STBAL class you just created with columns in table CUSTOMER:

  1. In Data Builder, open the Work with Data Elements window (click or access it through Environment > Work with Data Elements).
    Note: You can also access the Work with Data Elements window from the main window by selecting the file name, right-clicking to view the context menu, and then by clicking Work with Data Elements of the Selected Data Store.
  2. Click the Apply Filter button to display all data stores.
    Note: To narrow down the list of data elements displayed, use the filter fields (Machine ID, Company name, and Application ID) to narrow down the list of fields displayed, and then click Apply Filter. To display all fields, simply click Apply Filter.
  3. Click the Classes - Assignment tab.
  4. In the All Classes pane, expand the None Super Class, and then select the class STBAL.
  5. Click the Data Store Name column to data elements by data store.
  6. In the List of Data Elements, select the row for CUSTOMER.FLDSTBAL. (That is, select the row for the data storeCUSTOMER and the name FLDSTBAL.)
  7. Click the Assign Class button to assign the STBAL class to CUSTOMER.FLDSTBAL.

    STBAL now appears in the Assigned Class column for CUSTOMER.FLDSTBAL.

  8. Click the Close button to close the Work with Data Elements window.
  9. Exit Data Builder. (Click File > Exit or click the button, and then click Yes.)
  10. Continue to the next section.