Update the User Profile

When updating your user profiles, you must allocate Data Express PDSs to ISPF. For example: if your data set library prefix is PPP.GGG and the keylists of Data Express panels are contained in member URDPROF of PPP.GGG.JCL, you need to copy member URDPROF to ISP.SISPTENU or to UserPrefix.ISPF.ISPPROF.

To update user profiles:

  1. From the ISPF Primary Option Menu panel, specify option 3.4 to manage data sets, and then browse the installation JCL library.
  2. Next to the URDPROF member, type c.
  3. In the Name field of the To Other Data Set Name section, specify the library where your ISPF profile can be found.
  4. Exit your TSO session and start a new session.
  5. Execute the TSO command:
  6. Invoke the PFSHOW TAILOR command and ensure the parameters are set to 2, 2, 1, and 1 respectively.
  7. Save your changes.