Job creation

This section describes the basic procedure for creating a new job. The subsections address the secondary parameters needed for creating specific jobs. The following guides discuss other jobs:

Life Cycle Guide
  • Life Cycle
  • Clear Life Cycle History
Data Masking Guide
  • Data Store Data Changer
  • Create Data Changer Jobs
Subset Extraction Guide
  • Test Environment Creation
  • Create Allocation Jobs
  • Create Unload Jobs
  • Create Reload Jobs
  • Create Extraction Jobs

To begin job creation:

  1. Select the job from the List of Jobs grid.
  2. Click New to initialize fields for insertion.
  3. Select Machine ID and Company name from the corresponding lists.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Follow the guidelines in the appropriate subsection for the job you want to create.
    Note: The Reset All, Apply, and Cancel buttons are available in each Secondary Options window.
Note: If your Data Express Knowledge Base is in on MVS but the described data is on a distributed system – as an alternative to scheduling jobs using Work with Jobs – you can update the classes and the method from the referential integrity interface in interactive mode just as you would for Data Express for Distributed Systems. The interactive update is described in your Getting Started with Distributed Data Stores guide, and can be activated if:
  • The version of DB2 is 8 or later.
  • The HSURDRIA table within the Data Express Knowledge Base only contains one record and this record is set to Y. (This table must be populated by a DB2 administrator. Data Express does not directly modify the table in order to prevent unwilled use of the interactive update from referential integrity.)