Importing Classes

After you have completed the Data Inventory phase using the Distributed Loader, you need to import this information so that Data Express can create the corresponding classes. This is called the class generating process and is part of the Data Classification phase.

To begin the class generating process:

  1. From Data Builder, navigate to the Work with Data Elements window (click or access it through Environment > Work with Data Elements).
  2. Click the Classes - Assignments tab.
  3. Click Import Class. The Import Class window is displayed.

Data Express offers three options at this point: you can either create classes for referential integrity (Referential Integrity), supply your own definitions of new classes for the columns in your tables (Data Dictionary), or you can create classes for related data elements after sampling.

Note: All options are available to the Distributed Systems solution and the z/OS solution when accessing distributed data stores. However, if you are using the z/OS solution for non-distributed (mainframe) data stores, sampling is handled by the Class Data Element Assignment and Data Store Data Element Sampling jobs. For more information about sampling with non-distributed z/OS data stores, see section Data Analysis in the Process Guide for z/OS .