List of Steps in Method Group

A. Method Properties

The following list describes the column headings in the List of Steps in Method grid area (from the Method Properties tab) for the method selected in the List of Methods in Group grid, when either a group node or a method node is selected:

  • Method - Name of the method.
  • Step - Number of the method step.
  • Description - Description of the step.
  • Elaboration - Elaboration state of the step (Y executed, N not executed).
  • Elaboration Date - Step elaboration date.
  • Elaboration Time - Step elaboration time.

B. Method Overview

The Method Overview tab is only visible if the batch job has been already executed for this method.

The bar chart shows the number of the data stores in the selected method and their original and reduced sizes as follows:

  • Reduced Data Stores - Data stores containing the filter class.
  • Not Reduced Data Stores - Data stores that do not contain the filter class.
  • All Data Stores - Sum of the Reduced Data Stores and Not Reduced Data Stores.