Creating a new method

This section explains how to create a new method using the New Method wizard.

Before creating a method, use Data Builder to complete the following operations:

  1. Load and analyze the application copybooks.
  2. Load and analyze the data stores.
  3. Associate data stores and copybooks automatically.
  4. Define and associate the data elements with classes needed for the extraction. For example, define the primary selection class and the related class. Other classes (item class) can be defined and assigned to perform further extraction operations.
  5. Make sure that the data stores to be processed are correctly split into the two categories, Register Tables and Others.

For more information about Data Builder, see the Front End Guide .

To define a method with the New Method wizard, you must complete 3 steps:

  1. Definition of general method characteristics: Inclusion/exclusion of Register Tables data stores.
  2. Definition of the primary extraction criteria: Identification of a selection class to divide other data stores into class-sensitive and non-class-sensitive data stores.
  3. Definition of relationship criteria: Identification of a connection (foreign key and/or primary key) between related (class-sensitive and non-class-sensitive) data stores.
Note: The Next buttons are not enabled if an error occurred while entering data.