Method confirmation

This section describes the procedure for confirming a new method. Method confirmation lets you:

To confirm the method:
  1. In the Work with Method area, click Confirm. The Confirm Method window is displayed.
  2. Assign a naming convention to output files by choosing one of the following options:
    • Add Prefix - Adds the prefix specified in the Prefix box to the name of the data set for the output file and to the name of the data set for the input file.
    • Add Suffix - Adds the suffix specified in the Suffix box to the name of the data set for the output file and to the name of the data set for the input file.
    • String Replacement - Generates a new data set name for the output file by replacing a part of the data set name the input file with the text specified in the String to search box with text in the Replace with box.
  3. If required, check Move excluded files into new step to terminate the creation of the method inserting all the files excluded from the elaborations in the final step of the method.
  4. Click OK to save your changes or click Cancel to discard your changes.
  5. If no errors occurred, apply filters to the primary selected class in the Selection class / Filter properties window as required (see the chapter Work with Method - Selection class / Filter properties). Otherwise, errors have occurred while output file names were automatically assigned, and the names of the files must be manually assigned. The following conditions will generate errors:
    • The file name exceeds 44 characters.
    • Characters to be replaced have not been found in the input name.
    • One or more qualifiers exceed 8 characters.

    When errors occur, the Reconcile window is displayed.

  6. Edit the file name for each output file listed in the Reconcile window. To edit the file name for a single file, select the file, type the new name in the Unload Output File Name window, and click OK. To edit all file names, click Modify to access the file naming definition window and edit the criteria as required.