iManager Developer Kit

January 13, 2009

This readme contains the following sections:

1.0 Overview

Novell® iManager is a Web-based application for managing, maintaining, and monitoring Novell products using wired and wireless devices.

The iManager Developer Kit provides tools to develop and test iManager tasks and other plug-ins. It includes sample plug-ins, documentation, and a version of the Tomcat servlet container that is configured for testing iManager plug-ins.

2.0 What's New

This SDK release includes the following new features:

  • Updated for compatibility with iManager 2.7.2

  • Developer view includes all developer documentation and sample tasks

  • Updated documentation

To see what was changed in the software, sample code, and documentation for previous releases, see the What’s New.

To see the specific documentation changes that were made, see the Revision History.

3.0 Installation Instructions

For installation instructions and requirements, see the Getting Started section of the iManager SDK.

Installing this SDK release using RPM requires root authentication. Following the RPM installation, access to the SDK directory also requires root authentication unless ownership of the SDK directory is modified to include additional users. Use the following command to change directory ownership:

chown -R OWNER:GROUP Directory

For example:

chown -R admin:admin imgr2sdk

4.0 Known Issues

This release of the iManager Developer Kit has the following known issues:

4.1 Path Length Limit on Windows

The iManager application has a deep directory structure, and the paths of some files include fully-qualified Java class names. As a result, many of the files in the SDK have long pathnames. Because Windows platforms allow only relatively short pathnames, to avoid problems we suggest that you install the SDK in a directory close to the root directory, such as C:\imgr2sdk.

4.2 Developer Documentation Might Not Display in iManager

You can read developer documentation within iManager. The Developer view has a Developer Reference role with links to developer documentation. When you click a link the documentation appears in the content pane on the right side of the window. The first item is the Developer Guide, which is in PDF format and requires that the Adobe* Acrobat* plug-in be installed and configured for the iManager browser. If the plug-in is not available, the documentation will not be displayed. If this happens, you can view the Developer Guide by opening it in a separate PDF viewer program. It is installed to <SDK_HOME>/imgrsdk_doc/imgr2sdk/imgr_enu/imgr_enu.pdf.

5.0 Documentation

You can view or download the documentation at the iManager SDK Web site.

To read or print downloaded documentation, use Adobe Acrobat reader. To download the latest version, see the Adobe Acrobat reader download site.

The download contains PDF and HTML files in the install directory\doc directory. The documents in this download were created as standalone files; therefore, links between files in this download and links to files in other downloads will not resolve.

6.0 Sample Code

You can view or download the sample code at the iManager SDK sample code page.

7.0 Legal Notices

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