Dependencies: LDAP Classes for Java
See the Readme for details on the dependencies of each supported platform.

In addition to the LDAP Classes for Java, you need the following to take full advantage of the functionality offered in the libraries:

  • LDAP Server. The libraries can be used to access any LDAP server and its directory. If you are using them to access eDirectory, the LDAP server must be running on eDirectory 7.xx or higher to access LDAP v3 functionality. Other servers in the tree can be running other versions of eDirectory; only the LDAP server needs to be on eDirectory 7.xx or higher.
  • SSL. To use SSL, the LDAP server and the LDAP client must be configured for SSL. For more information, see the LDAP Classes for Java documentation.
  • LDAP Extensions for eDirectory. To use the LDAP extensions for partition and replica management and managing effective rights, the LDAP server must be running on eDirectory 8.5.