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Creating and Distributing Custom COBOL Project Templates

Within an organization, an administrator can customize COBOL projects, save them as custom project templates for Enterprise Developer and distribute them across all development and testing teams to ensure they are sharing common settings.

Enterprise Developer provides a range of COBOL project templates for the main types of applications for you to start with and build upon them.

If your application development life cycle involves multiple users (for example, developers and development teams, testers) that cooperate with each other in a workgrouping environment and share the same source code and the same projects, it might be beneficial for you to have the administrator create templates out of the most commonly used projects, and import the templates in the integrated development environment of each user. This can speed up the development process while minimizing the risk of errors and any confusion as to what settings the people in the different teams are to use.

You can use Visual Studio to create customized templates with the desired set of options and the required source programs, and share these within your organization. Then, each user would be able to import the templates from a shared network location into their Visual Studio environments.

See the Visual Studio help for more information on how to create, configure and distribute custom project templates.

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