About ViewNow X Server
About Setup
Installing ViewNow X Server
System requirements
Preparing for installation
Starting the installation
Installing from a local directory
Installing from a server
Choosing the type of installation
Performing a complete installation
Performing a custom installation
Using the Windows Installer
Msiexec options
Performing an unattended installation
Performing the installation
Entering a Kerberos license
Changing an installation
Upgrading from a previous version
Adding product features on a system with multiple users
Installing an evaluation version
ViewNow X Server performance
Publishing an X Client on Citrix systems
Setting up Central X Workspace Management
About Central X Workspace Management
Setting Central X Workspace Management options
Setting options from the Setup Wizard
Setting options from the command line
Guaranteeing automatic workspace updates
Changing Central Management options
Increasing User Security
Contacting Micro Focus
Information needed by Micro Focus SupportLine
Additional information needed by Micro Focus SupportLine
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