To Connect a 3270 Client to the ESDEMO Region and Run a Sample Transaction

This procedure describes how to use Rumba terminal emulation software to connect to the demonstration region. However, you can use any suitable TN3270 emulator to connect to the ESDEMO region.
  1. Start the Rumba mainframe display.
  2. Click Connection > Configure.

    The Connection Configuration dialog box appears.

  3. Select the TN3270 protocol. The TN3270 tab is now available.
  4. In the Connection Configuration dialog box, click the TN3270 tab, and in the Telnet Port area, select User Defined and type the port number configured for the listener, for example 9023. Set the target hostname, for example localhost. Click OK.
  5. Click Connection > Connect.

    The emulator connects to the region.

  6. Clear the screen, and type acct. Press Enter to run the sample account transaction.

    The account transaction's initial screen appears.

This verifies that the Enterprise Server for .NET installation is successful.