To Create or Edit a Startup List

  1. Open the Resource Definitions file in the editor.
  2. Select the General View tab.
  3. Select and expand Startup Lists.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • To edit an existing startup list, select it from the list.
      • Right-click the item and select edit group list.

        You will be presented with a dialog in which you can add and remove groups to the startup list.

    • To create a new startup list, right-click Startup Lists and choose Add. Then in the Startup List name field of the Add New Group dialog box, type a name for the startup list and click OK.
    • To remove a startup list, select the list to remove, right-click and select remove.
    • To copy a startup list, select the list to copy, right-click and copy. You can then paste at the top level as a new start up list.
    The startup list appears in the list. The startup list's properties display in the Properties window.
  5. Edit properties as needed to configure the startup list.
  6. Choose File > Save, or use the File Save icon to save the resource definitions file.

    The resource definitions are saved.

Cold-start regions that use this configuration for changes to take effect.