seemmc: launch the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) SEE Administration UI


seemmc filename  

Launches the MMC SEE Administration UI.

By default, the command uses the seemsc.msc file to configure the MMC. This file is installed to \Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\5.0 \SEE\SEE.msc
Note: This location has read-write access so you can edit the .msc file to configure multiple snap-ins.

The command:

  • Sets the .NET 4.0 framework to COMPLUS_Version=v4.0.30319
  • Opens the MMC


Opens the MMC using the specified .msc file.

The default file is seemsc.msc.


This command opens the MMC SEE Administration UI using the c:\snapins\mysnapin.msc file to configure the MMC.
seemmc c:\snapins\mysnapin.msc