Azure Deployment : Service Configuration View - Listener


This view allows you to configure some of the service-related configuration. It is not normally necessary to change these parameters.
Maximum Received Message Size
Change this to modify the maximum size of a received message by a WCF service.
ReaderQuotas Maximum Array Length
Change this to modify the maximum array length received by a WCF service.
Default dispatcher
This is the address of the default dispatcher endpoint that the listener will use.
By default, this is set to the external load balanced endpoint configured in the Dispatcher role.
net.tcp://$(DnsName):<External Port>/MicroFocus/SEE/DispatcherSessionService


$(DnsName) is automatically expanded at package creation time to include the DNS name of the deployment as defined in the Global Configuration View. <External Port> is the endpoint external port of the dispatcher, and is normally 65001 .