To Create or Edit a System Initialization Table

  1. Open the Resource Definitions file in the editor.
  2. Select the SIT tab.

    The SITs configured in the resource definitions file display.

  3. To filter the SIT display, right-click in the Results pane and choose Filter.

    You can select to display all SITs, or active SITs only.

  4. Do one of the following:
    • To edit an existing SIT, select it from the list.
    • To create a new SIT, right-click in the SIT area and choose Add. Then in the SIT name field of the Add new SIT dialog box, type a name for the SIT and click OK.

    The SIT appears in the list. The SIT properties display in the Properties window.

  5. Edit properties as needed to configure the SIT.
  6. Choose File > Save, or use the File Save icon to save the resource definitions file.

    The resource definitions are saved.

Cold-start regions that use this configuration for changes to take effect.