FCT Definition and File Location Overrides

Each FCT has three properties under the category "File Location Overrides", which affect how CICS locates the underlying data file:

Previously, the "Folder" property was named "Path" and it was possible to set it to the full absolute path to the file. This is no longer possible. This field can now only contain a relative or absolute folder.

Any FCTs that made use of the Path property must be modified. For example:

FCT ( Name=fct1 Path="c:\folder\file1.dat" )

should be converted to:

FCT ( Name=fct1 FileName="file1.dat" )

with the data file location "c:\folder\" added to the region startup file.

Previously, for CICS to locate a file in the database, the Format property had to be set to RDBMS and the Path property had to be set to the name of the datastore. This is no longer necessary. Instead, you need to add the datastore folder the file is in either to the data file locations or to the FCT folder override. The RDBMS format value can still be used as a hint to tell CICS if it creates the file (e.g. through CFCR) that it should be created in the database and not on disk.