To Use a TN3270 Emulator To Run CICS Transaction From Visual Studio.

A working Enterprise Server for .NET CICS region.
Enterprise Developer enables you to use a TN3270 Mainframe display to connect to a region in order to run your managed CICS applications. If you are using Micro Focus Rumba installed as part of Enterprise Developer, you have the choice of running Rumba as a standalone application or as a display control embedded in Visual Studio.
  1. Choose a TN3270 display in Enterprise Developer - click Tools > Options. Enter the result of your step here (optional).
  2. Expand Micro Focus, and click TN3270 Display. Enable options as required. For more on configuring TN3270 display options, see the Enterprise Developer product help and the section Programming > Mainframe Programming > Terminal Emulation > Running Applications in a TN3270 Mainframe Display.
  3. Start your CICS-enabled region from the Enterprise Server for .NET Administration
  4. In Visual Studio, click your project in Solution Explorer. This opens the Properties window for the project, which is located under Solution Explorer. You now need to associate your project with the region on which you are running your CICS application.
  5. Type localhost in the Host field and press Enter.
  6. From the drop-down list for the Region Name field, select your CICS-enabled region.

    Specifying a region also populates the MFBINP Port and the TN3270 Port fields with the pre-configured value.

    Note : If your region is running on a remote host, you must enter the MFBINP Port number manually.

    You now need to open your TN3270 display.

  7. Right-click your project in Solution Explorer, and Enterprise Server for .NET > Mainframe TN3270 Display. This starts the TN3270 display that is specified in the IDE options.
  8. Use the TN3270 session as you normally would.