Example: Creating a User-Specific Listener Configuration Port

This example details how to create a listener configuration file specifically for a user who needs to use a non-standard TN3270 port. For the user, the port settings in the user-specific file override the settings defined in the default listener configuration file.
  1. In the Tree pane, select Configuration > Listener . The Listener Configuration editor opens in the Results pane.
  2. In the Listener Configuration editor, select the File Open icon, and navigate to and select the seelistener.exe.config configuration file.

    For 32-bit systems, the default location is %ProgramFiles%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Server\binAnyCPU\SEE.

    The listener's configuration file settings display in the editor.

  3. Edit the configuration file's TN3270, Port setting to set the port to use.
  4. Use the editor's File > Save As option to save the port location to C:\Users\ <user name> \AppData\Roaming\Micro Focus\SEE\ <release number> \Config.

    where <user name> is the user's login ID, and <release number> is the software release number.

The listener uses the TN3270 port defined in the user-specific configuration file rather than the default.