To Associate a Resource Definition File with a Region Startup Definition File

When you create or edit a region startup file, you can add or change the associated resource definition file. The file can reside in the local/network file system, or in the cross-region database.
  1. Open the region startup file for editing.
  2. In the Region Startup editor's Tree window, select the top-level Region heading. In the Properties window, the region startup's General settings display.
  3. Under General, select Resource Definition File. The name of the current resource definition file if any displays in the right hand column.
  4. Click the ... button at the right of the resource definition file name.

    A message prompts you to select a file from disk, or from the cross-region database.

  5. Select the option to access the resource definition file that you want.
    • Select Config File On Disk to browse for a file on the local/network file system.
    • Select Cross-Region Database to select the database to use that contains the file.
  6. Select the resource definition file and click OK to configure it.
If you changed the resource definition file for a region, you must cold-start the region for the changes to take effect.