Data Store View: Deployed Datastores

To locate this screen

  1. In the Tree pane under SEE Administration, select Shared Database Deployment Locations > Application VSAM Files to display a list of existing data stores.
  2. From the list, select the data store to view.


This screen shows the contents of the data store and lets you upload and download VSAM files.

Updates the display with any changes.
File > Upload, icon
Opens the Upload File dialog box, used to browse for and select a VSAM file to upload.
Accessed by right-clicking a file in the left pane. Prompts to confirm, then removes the selected data store.
Download As ...
Accessed by right-clicking a file in the left pane. Opens a file browse dialog box and lets you download the VSAM file to disk.
File Properties area
Displays the details of the currently selected and uploaded file.
File > Reinstall Stored Procedures menu option
Re-installs the datastore's shared procedures, created when the datastore was created. Use this option after a software upgrade to install any stored procedures updated in the upgraded software release.
Note: Perform this for all datastores after a software upgrade.
File transfers tab
Displays a list of files that have been uploaded or downloaded in the current session. This list clears when you re-start a region.
Files tab
Created when double-clicking a file in the left pane. Displays a list of the file's contents. Right-click and choose Close to close the display.
Left pane file list
Displays a list of files uploaded into the data store. Select a file in the list to display the File Properties area below the list. Double-click a file to create a tab in the right pane that displays the file's contents.