To Edit a Resource Definitions File

  1. Depending on how the resource definition file is deployed, open the file in the resource definition editor.
  2. Use the editor to select and modify the resource settings.
    Use the tabs at the bottom of the editor to select the category of items to modify: PCT, FCT, or SIT.
    Note: You cannot change any resource that is prefixed with DFH. These are required by the Enterprise Server for .NET system.

    You can copy items and paste them into valid locations either in the same configuration file, or in other configuration files that are open for editing. The copy and paste functionality allows you to re-name copied items before you paste them.

  3. From the list of items, select the item to modify.

    The item's settings appear in the editor's Properties window.

  4. Edit the items as required.
  5. Choose File > Save or File > Save As to save changes.